The Kakshyaa

Kakshyaa [Sanskrit] is the Wall of your house. It is that most significant part of your house which differentiates the rest of the world from Your Home. Isn’t this one of our very fundamental needs? To know which is My own space in this infinity? That is what the Walls do for us. They first of all define the boundaries of our own world for us and then protect our own world from the challenges of the outside world. Can you count how many times you leaned against the Wall while you shared an intimate chat with a dear one in your family? And how many times did you rest yourself against the Wall while you thought over something? Oh … and in the childhood? Wasn’t the Wall the most vital part of discovering your creative abilities? We could go on and on about the significance of the Wall in our lives. Well, the Walls so silently witness our lives as they happen between them. Wonder if the Wall ever had a life of its own? Or isn’t its life just about our lives? Do you think that two adjacent Walls gossip with each other or the opposite ones crib against each other? Whatever, the Walls never get more prominence than our lives. They are just there to add meaning to our existence. How noble is it for something to exist only to make someone else’s existence stand out? We love your Walls. We know their importance. At, KashyaaChitra, we persevere to bring a smile to each and every Wall in this world.