Answer :

Wall decals are the latest buzz in interior decoration, especially wall decor.


Wall decals are designer graphics made from a special kind of vinyl. The material is manufactured exclusively for interior use. It has a matte finish and appears brilliant on the wall.

Kakshyaachitra wall decals are available in a wide range of designs and also customized designs are available to fulfill your requirements.

Answer : No. A wall decal is not like any of the above orthodox modes of wall decor.

This is a novel kind of wall art.

Wall decals are peel-off applications and can be easily removed from the wall as and when required. They do not leave any residue / stain on the wall.

Wall decal is a one-of-it's kind designer graphic and the aesthetic appeal is more than simple wallpaper or a wall sticker.

You can also make your own personalized Kakshyaachitra wall decal and are not limited by the designs that a wall tattoo or a wall sticker may offer you.

Answer : The wall should be smooth and even. This is the only requirement for applying a wall decal.

Answer : Other than walls, Wall decals are a favorite among our customers to apply on glass, ceilings, bathroom / kitchen tiles and laptops.

Answer : Kakshyaachitra decals are available in any size you require.

Answer : The color of your wall decal depends on the color of your wall.
If you are not sure what kind of decal you need, we also provide you a preview of different colored decals on your wall.

Answer : Just tell us the quote you want on your wall and we will get it manufactured into an attractive wall decal for you.

Answer : You can check the how to apply a wall decal page. You can also get our personnel to install the decal for you.

Answer : Infinite. Whichever design you need and can be converted into a wall decal, we will do it for you. Other than the designs available on our website, we recommend you to make a Google image search for 'wall decals' if you are finding it hard to zero down on a design for your wall decal.

Answer : Just drop us a word on our Contact us page. We will respond within 1 day.