How To Apply a KashyaaChitra wall decal?

Applying a wall decal on your wall is a process in its own. You need to carefully peel off the decal design along with the mounting tape, then apply it uniformly and accurately over the wall and then peel off the mounting tape again. Areas where you need to be especially careful:

1. When you peel off the design along with the mounting tape, some part of the design might not come off properly from the base paper. You need to take care of this.

2. Unevenness in the surface area can cause issues during applying the decals. You need to ensure that the surface wall is clean and smooth.

3. Air Bubbles: While applying the decal on the wall, especially if it is a large decal, there are chances that air bubbles might be created between the decal material and the wall. To avoid air decals, the design has to be applied consistently over the surface.

There are some good techniques to apply a wall decal on the wall. We recommend you to do a Youtube search on ‘How to apply a wall decal ?’ or ‘How to install a wall decal ?’ so that the installation process becomes absolutely clear and easy for you.

Kakshyaachitra staff is there to help you with this ! :
When you buy a KakshyaaChitra wall decal, we also arrange for installation of the decal at your place by our trained personnel. So you need worry at all about how you are going to install the decal on your wall.GO BACK TO THE HOMEPAGE